Interview with Nami,Uncle Jude's Fitting Room

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Interview with Nami

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[UJ X Nami Interview]


The following interview with Nami has been conducted by Uncle Jude's.

以下為Uncle Jude's 所做的 Nami線上專訪




Q. UJ: Thank you very much for having the interview with UJ. I believe anyone who pays attention to classic menswear has always seen your wonderful sharing. Can you briefly talk about yourself?



A. NAMI: Thank you - I feel very privileged and honoured.

Well, As you know, I am based in Melbourne Australia. I was born here in Australia and worked in menswear for many years now.

I have developed my own sense of style through personal experiences throughout my life, including a skateboarding background throughout my earlier years (at 37 years of age - not so much anymore), I spent a lot of time within the menswear world Managing Tom Ford and currently now with Masons as Manager & Creative Director.

Menswear has always been a great community around the world, and it is a great outlet to express our individualism. So working within this industry and creating NAMIMAN is something that I'm very proud of and feel privileged for.



我曾在 Tom Ford 工作過很多年,現職是墨爾本經典男裝選品店Masons的經理兼創意總監。




Q. UJ: The products launched by the NAMIMAN are very popular among Taiwanese fans. Please also talk to us about NAMIMAN. Can you reveal any plans for new products in the future?



A. NAMI: Thank you! I appreciate the support!

NAMIMAN is an aesthetic, a lifestyle. And is the seed to inspire individualism, self-expression and community through the inspirations of heritage design and manufacturing.

Clothing is currently the core of the collection, and it will remain this way for a while however; I’d love to create interesting things outside of clothing too! But I’ll be sure to keep you posted, as I’ll be very excited to share it with everyone when it happens!

謝謝你們的支持! NAMIMAN不僅是一個品牌也是一種生活美學和生活方式的表達

它就像是一顆種子,透過傳統的設計和製造,進而萌芽成每個人獨一無二的風格服飾在這一段時間仍會是NAMIMAN的核心,同時我也計畫在服飾之外創造更多有趣的產品! 屆時我一定會即時跟你們分享的!


立刻查看 NAMIMAN X New Era Ball Cap


Q. UJ: We really appreciate your mix and match style between gents, military, workwear and denim products. Why do you have such a unique personal style?



A. NAMI: Thank you! - I believe in the idea that there is a need to recognize and celebrate the past – there’s a certain romance behind every era and/or heritage and how things were done, worn and why.

So, my individual style is made up of all things that I love and appreciate, but most of all, my inspiration comes from everyone and everything around me. I think we all inspire each other in many ways!

謝謝! 我相信我們總是需要回頭去看看過往的時光,不同的年代都有著當時的風格。了解到過往的經典服飾如何被現今的我們詮釋,我相信是一件很浪漫的事。




Q. UJ: Your style is a role model for many people; can you advise UJ readers on how to find a style that suits them?



A. NAMI: I think our own personal style is really a beautiful thing – it is learnt and understood over time (with many mistakes!), and is something that will always evolve.

Yes, some do it more effortlessly than others, however as long as you are true to yourself and understand the right silhouette and colours to compliment your own self. Through this, you can adapt any style/influence into what you put together.




Q. UJ: We know that you have been in touch with many practitioners and bloggers who are committed to promoting classic menswear in the world. We wonder if you have anyone you particularly admire?



A. NAMI: There are so many people out there doing amazing things - And in a very stylish way! But honestly, I enjoy seeing everyone out there showcasing their own individual style – The Asian market, including Taiwan is very strong at the moment and its great to see. When someone has a unique way of doing or wearing something or even just keeping it classic, but doing this well, I find this the most admirable.





Q. UJ: Anything you want to talk to Taiwanese fans through the UJ platform?



A. NAMI: I am truly honoured to have you all support not only me, but also the menswear scene – it is truly inspiring to see what you all are doing over there.

I would love to do some exclusive pieces for you guys soon! Thank you all for inspiring me, and for the support!



Q. UJ: After the Covid-19 virus, we sincerely invite you to visit Taiwan. Whether it is trunk show, tour or local food, we believe here will be a memorable place for you.

疫情過後誠摯的邀請你來台灣走走,無論是Trunk Show或是旅遊、美食,相信這裡都會是讓你很難忘的地方。


A. NAMI: I would love to visit – I can’t wait! Thank you!