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May Staff Favourite!



30 May 2024

by Uncles

IOLO | "Vintage 60" Half Collar Beige

Shang, Sales Dpt.

So there comes the summer, seems like the best time to talk about a knit wear piece that I fell in love recently.


No matter its sunny day or rainy day, Its always a good time to mix and match some colour item just like this one of a kind piece.


The "Vintage 60" line of IOLO also reminds me of the 50s & 60s. When  I wear this piece, Its almost like being apart of a Martin Scorsese film. 


Jeremy, Sales Dpt.

Hello, I'm Jeremy, I want to share to you guys about some stuff I bought this month.


If you follow us for a while, you are definetly familiar with the BARACUTA G9. With its British heritage, and countless movie appearence. Its hard to pick a colour, and I've hesitate for a while.


But since I bought a Red Triumph Bike that I dreamed for since a child. The way I'm cruising down the road with a red Baracuta and my red bike can't seem to get away from my head. So I took the red G9 at last, if there can only be one red jacket in my wardrobe, I think nothing beats G9.  




Ming, Sales Dpt. PT

Don't miss out on FULLCOUNT, one of the "Osaka Five" If you enjoy denim like I do and wish you can bear the heat while wearing a denim set.


The Classic Type 1 Jacket with Straght cut 1101W Jeans are made of Zimbabwe cotton, with the expceptionally long fibres there comes the characteristics of super soft and supple wearing experience.

even bearable while runing around under the Taiwanese summer sun.



Feng, Sales Dpt. PT

I've always love a pair of good chino, lately I've been trying to match chinos other than the normaly what you'll pair it with. Like some tasty monocromatic looks, and fuse it with some silver Jewelrys to make it pop.


What I'm wearing here is my recent favourite, the Chino II by ANATOMICA. The fit of the Chino II resemble the one worn by the Ivy League students of the 60s, It has a more tailor touch to them but also preserve some military details. Works well with both smart casual and rough up look.